Instruction RD

Business Target

To secure a long term and stable supply chain to lighten expense-bearing of stock farms that are in hardship due to an increase in international feedstuff price.

To establish hay and corn feed factory in south of Sumatra where the biggest agricultural area in Indonesia to provide high quality feedstuff at competitive prices

Expectation Effectiveness

  • Stabilization of feedstuff prices
  • Reducing prices
  • Satisfaction rise of stock farms through customized feedstuff offer



  • Creating job
  • Attraction of investment
  • Improving agricultural productivity of local farmers & Increasing utilization of idle land
  • Due to the introduction of advanced cultivation techniques
  • Preparing for future price fluctuations of grain
  • Stabilization of feed cost
  • Providing a high quality feed all year around
  • 20-30% saving effect of feed cost